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On this background, looking at the above time-schedule for the supersensible events of the past century and our time due to the actions of the Etheric Christ and Michael in their battle with the opposing powers, we can now make some overall and specific comments. We fully agree with the authors of Christ & the Maya Calendar, that this is indeed an apocalyptic time associated with Revelations chapter 12 and 13 and the apocalyptic statements of Jesus Christ. It is also timely and appropriate to associate this period in the history of man with the temptations of Jesus Christ[i], whether on the grounds of the earlier mentioned count of days in His ministry proportional to Saturn-cycles of 29½ years (which interestingly demarcates 869, the year of the eight ecumenical council in Constantinople, as the beginning of the “human” time of 40 days in the wilderness) or from the apparent reality of our situation. All three temptations pertain to the whole period, but it is also possible to distribute them. The first luciferic-asuric temptation in the astral (the 37th day, 1929-1958, or in our time-schedule linked with the first cycle of the Etheric Christ 1899-1933 and condensed within the impulse-battle sequence 1929-45) is about choosing and worshipping false leadership and a false idea of goals and power. The second ahrimanic-asuric temptation in the etheric (the 38th day, 1958-88 or 1933-66/67 condensed within 1962-79) is about “getting high”, throwing oneself in the ground of instincts believing you are carried by something higher. The third Sorath temptation (the 39th day, 1988-2018 or 1966/67-99 condensed within 1996-2012) is about claiming dead matter and corpses to be the real life and creation. Christ, the Representative of Man, answered these questions and seductions of Antichrist with authoritative power quoting the Holy Scripture, but man is today capable of and committed to answer existentially for himself. Christ has been preached to man in the gospels, Christ is close to man in the etheric, Christ has given man a seed of the Original Phantom and a redemptive way to his Resurrection Body, Christ and Michael has secured man his own use of intelligence and the consciousness soul, opening the door to a first glimpse of the Spirit Self. Because of this, Sorath has every right to put his questions and seductions in front of us, so that Christ can function as the Lord of Karma on the Day of Judgment. We could speculate whether that Last Day is the 40th day (2018-47), when the devil left Him, and angels came and attended Him.



The proclaiming of the Etheric Christ and the destiny of anthroposophy are linked together in the most intimate way with Rudolf Steiner as their herald and founder. And so we would like briefly to point out one more important aspect of this historic, esoteric and apocalyptical sequence which in our opinion is not paid due attention, but is nevertheless an important line of development connecting the 1998 vantage-point of Sorath with the beginning of the century. Rudolf Steiner was born in 1861. In 1875 the Theosophical Society was founded in New York. Both dates lie within Michael’s battle with the ahrimanic angels 1841-79. This battle of Michael was preparing the way for the Etheric Christ in the spiritual regions closest to the Earth and represented a spiritual impulse in human culture in the wake of 1899/1933 and the end of Kali Yuga. But evidently an occult strife broke out inspired by the evil powers, not least Sorath, as to how this spiritual opening was to be managed. In short, the conflict in the beginning stood between esoteric Christianity and an old Eastern (luciferic) wisdom, but was soon aggravated, when the old Eastern wisdom gave way to a much more sinister left hand magic tradition, which can be found behind different tantric traditions in Hinduism and Tibetan Lamaism, which are deeply connected with the Sorath-impulse. This deplorable development is clearly reflected in the writings of Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. Rudolf Steiner became an unprovoked exponent of the conflict due to his karmic mission and his connection with and entry in the Theosophical Society, 1900/2/4-12/13. An exhaustive and outstanding study of this conflict has been published recently.[ii] Rudolf Steiner met with Nietzsche in 1896 and soon after moved to Berlin in 1897, where he was invited to speak about Nietzsche in a circle of theosophists. 1899/1900 Rudolf Steiner experienced his decisive vision of the Mystery of Golgotha, ending a period of afflictions and beginning his fight for esoteric Christianity. In 1909 the Etheric Christ was visible for initiates and the following year, 1910, Rudolf Steiner began to talk about this theme in public. That same year Krishnamurti experienced his first initiation under the guidance of C. W. Leadbeater and was linked up with the occult Sorath-inspired leadership that wanted to divert attention away from the coming of the Etheric Christ. In 1911 The Order of the Star in the East was founded with Krishnamurti as its head and proclaimed to be the coming World Teacher chosen by the Bodhisattva – a fake Messiah-figure, suggesting the false idea of a reappearance of Christ in a physical body, an ahrimanic Sorath-inspiration. This led quickly in 1912/13 to the separation of anthroposophy and theosophy. We see how this actual historic sequence closely matches the theme and intervals of the proposed time-schedule: 1896-99, Christ-impulse shadowed by coming Sorath-impulse, 1899-1911/12, Michael-battle with opposing powers. And we must ask ourselves, if not this central issue of occult conflict and the related decisive events at the beginning of the sequence are of paramount importance in order to understand the rest of the sequence?



And so we find the theme of an Eastern left hand magic influence on the development of Western religion, culture and history in the twentieth century an ongoing business. This is not the place to go into details with complex history, but it is generally acknowledged, that Adolf Hitler was influenced by occult and black magic circles, perhaps as early as his time in Vienna from 1905. Later speculations centre on the Thule Society, and certainly prominent Nazis and SS-ideologists within the Ahnenerbe showed a special interest in Indian and Tibetan religion, setting up an expedition to Tibet. They were seeking their Aryan roots, and various more or less mythological themes played an important role in their search for Shambhala and the occult powers vested there. Also the Kalachakra Tantra was significant to them as part of their plan to establish a Nazi religion and a fascist sexual theory, and some of the members of Ahnenerbe believed they were in spiritual contact with Tibetan lamas.[iii] Undisputedly, black magic of the worst kind with aims of occult power and a further build up of the eight sphere came to the fore in the extermination-programme and the SS-activities in the KZ-lagers. Hitler, by the way, was judged favourably as late as 1939 by Alice Bailey, who in her extensive writings were drawing from the very same Eastern left hand magic source, channelling the Tibetan “master” D. K. Quote: “Hitler, who lifted a distressed people upon his shoulders; Lenin, the idealist; Stalin and Franco are all expressions of the Shambhala force and of certain little-understood energies.... We call these people dictators, demagogues.... But all these leaders are... being used to engineer great and needed changes and to alter the face of civilisation.”[iv] Through the organization World Goodwill, an UN-accredited non-governmental organisation founded by Alice Bailey in 1932 with the purpose of “cooperating in the work of preparation for the reappearance of the Christ (in a physical body)”, and through her publishing company Lucis (former: Lucifer) Trust, which prints and disseminates UN-material, and through networking contacts with important UN-officials like Robert Muller, the very same Eastern left hand tradition has gained considerable influence on the “religious profile” of the UN. So it is fair to say that the theme under consideration here manifested in the background of the two intervals, 1929-33-45. Human will to bring sacrifice motivated by high (often Christian) ideals and great empathy was mobilized in these years to overcome immense evil, but perhaps due to Rudolf Steiner’s too early death and the rough destiny of anthroposophy it is difficult to trace any deeper impact of esoteric Christianity on cultural and societal development in this period of evil progress.



This situation more or less reproduced itself in the next sequence, 1962-66/67-79, the period of the Counterculture Era, 1963-73, with its cultural and social change on many levels, generated among other things by the opposition to the Vietnam War, 1964-73. The predominantly political agenda of the counterculture also expressed itself in a “new lifestyle” as expressed in the Summer of Love, 1967, and hence it was supplemented and in many instances gradually replaced by a subculture of “alternative living” including spiritual practices and ideals, which during the 1970s took on the shape of the New Age Movement and later in the 1980s and 1990s settled itself in broad segments of society. No doubt this was indeed a powerful spiritual impulse on a more global scale than the one in 1896-1911/12, and the perverted version of it 1929-45 – and in contrast to the latter, it was played out on a totally different societal and cultural background, dominated by peace and welfare. The spiritual seeking and opening was genuine in many people, but Sorath had prepared a fierce pincer movement in order to direct it towards his eight sphere. On one hand the materialistic-technological-scientific worldview dominated the organization of society on all levels (mocking for instance the spiritual seeking in the Moon-landing 1969 and the Mars-programme 1966/68-1974/75). On the other hand the New Age Movement was from the beginning heavily influenced by Eastern esoteric traditions, some of them based on tantra and kundalini-yoga, and the channelling and network of Alice Bailey played an important role in this development, as did the import to the West of gurus and lamas. 1975, one century after the formation of the Theosophical Society, was a banner year, when Bailey-disciples (amongst them David Spangler and other prominent New Age-leaders) had her permission to release their esoteric message and go public. And so the understanding of Christ in the New Age Movement became generally attuned to the earlier misconceptions of theosophy and the distortions by left hand magicians, if Christ was a serious issue at all. This development of a materialistic quasi-spirituality based on neo-pagan and Eastern-luciferic elements underpinned by Sorath was accompanied and enhanced by the “sexual revolution” and the drug-culture.



The 1980s and 1990s fortified and “normalized” this anti-Christian materialistic spirituality in the West. One of the key figures in this process has been the 14th Dalai Lama. He is the most prominent Kalachakra lineage holder today and has given thirty Kalachakra initiations all over the world, gathering huge crowds. The first in USA was 1981 in Wisconsin and the first in Europe was 1985 in Switzerland! Sadly not many westerners understand the true occult and magic meaning of this ritual, but a closer look reveals it to be completely in accordance with the aims of the above-mentioned Eastern left hand tradition.[v] The Dalai Lama is also active in the preparation of a New Age-styled, unified World Religion, suited to the global political aims of Sorath (One World, One Religion), through UN-supported organizations like the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality (WC) and United Religions Initiative (URI).[vi] How far this religious New Age-profiling of UN has advanced, can be seen in programs like Intuition in Service, which is nothing but the Great Invocation of Alice Bailey in a number of variations. Dalai Lama is also very active in the linking of this new “spirituality” with neuroscience through the Mind & Life Institute. He addresses large groups of brain scientists at conventions, supplies the researchers with Tibetan monks for brain scanning and completely embraces the paradigm of natural science. “If scientific analysis were conclusively to demonstrate certain claims in Buddhism to be false,” he says, “then we must accept the findings of science and abandon those claims.” The title of one of his latest books is The Universe in a Single Atom (2005). In our view these present activities of the Dalai Lama and the theme of an occult conflict since the beginning of the century as we have briefly sketched it above are part and parcel of Rudolf Steiner’s timely warning in 1919: “If, in the future, people were to do nothing themselves toward acquiring a new wisdom, then, without their consciousness, the whole of culture would become ahrimanic, and it would be easy for the influence issuing from Ahriman’s incarnation to permeate all civilization on Earth. Precautions must therefore be taken in regard to the streams by which the ahrimanic form of culture is furthered … As soon as Ahriman incarnates at the destined time in the West, the whole of culture would be impregnated with his forces. What else would come in his train? Through certain stupendous acts he would bring to humanity all the clairvoyant knowledge which until then can be acquired only by dint of intense labour and effort. … When Ahriman incarnates in the West at the appointed time, he would establish a great occult school for the practise of magic arts of the greatest grandeur, and what otherwise can only be acquired by strenuous effort would be poured over humankind. … by means of these stupendous magic arts he would be able to make great numbers of human beings into seers – but in such a way that the clairvoyance of each individual would be strictly differentiated. … Ultimately, however, they would all be satisfied with their own particular vision, for each of them would be able to see into the spiritual world. In this way all culture on the Earth would fall prey to Ahriman. … The issue is whether this wisdom is in the hands of Ahriman or of Christ. It cannot come into the hands of Christ unless people fight for it.”[vii]


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